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Want Easy & Quick Integration Features With Your Shopify Store & Active Campaign At Up To 82% Less Cost?
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- Easy Customer Syncing 
- Intelligent Customer Segmentation
- Automatic Customer Tagging
- Save Up To 82% On Your Active Campaign Subscription!
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Save Up To 82% On Your Active Campaign™ Subscription Costs
While Active Campaign offer direct Shopify Integration, it's certainly not cheap! Currently, their Shopify Integration Subscription starts at $49/month and goes all the way up to $338/month (for up to 25k subscribers).

Using AC Advanced, you'll be able to integrate your Shopify store with the Active Campaign 'Lite' Plan, and still be able to take advantage of their powerful email automation features, saving you up to $200+ every month!
Easily Connect Your Shopify™ Store With Active Campaign™
Connect your Shopify Store with Active Campaign in 3 simple Steps.  Once connected, you will never have to touch this again. AC Advanced will stay constantly connected to your Active Campaign account and will automatically add your customers to your email list.  It will also update your customers purchase history within Active Campaign when they make any additional purchases from your store!
Automatically Tag Your Customers In Active Campaign™
Our software takes the headache out of having to manually setup multiple, Complicated Tagging Automations within Active Campaign.  You simply add the tags you want your customers to be tagged with, based on what products they have bought, or from which Product Collection they have purchased from.  Tagging your customers now happens instantly & automatically when they make a purchase!
Trigger Automatic, Targeted Follow-Ups Based On Purchases
AC Advanced enables you to trigger Automatic, Targeted email Follow-ups based on what your customers have purchased.  This is especially beneficial if you're running a general store, or a store with many product categories.  If your customers make purchases from multiple Product Collections, your rules will ensure they receive the email follow-up you want them to receive.  You can then trigger additional follow-ups to begin for other products they've purchased directly inside Active Campaign. 
Increase Revenue With Improved Customer Segmentation
It's proven that well-written and relevant customer communication increases revenue for you on autopilot, however, AC Advanced takes it one step further!  AC Advanced will automatically send your customers purchase data over to Active Campaign, allowing you to segment your customers precisely, based on what they have purchased.  You'll be able to send pinpoint targeted follow-ups and Flash Sales to your customers while ensuring that your offer is engaging for them, based on their purchase data. Simply put, this makes you more money!
Control Everything From Within Your Shopify Admin Dashboard
While Active Campaign is a powerful & profitable tool for any business owner to be using, it can get quite complicated at times.  We've taken the headache out of having to setup multiple, repetitive Active Campaign Automations by enabling you to setup Customer Segmentation Rules directly within your Shopify Admin Dashboard. Your rules will identify, tag, segment and add your customers to Active Campaign, and then trigger the email follow-up you want them to receive. All you will need to do within Active Campaign is to create your email lists and follow-ups!
These Are Just Some Of The Reasons Why Any Shopify Store Owner Who Uses Active Campaign Needs AC Advanced!  
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